Are you meeting your online business goals? internet : intelligence inc. works with you to fully develop your strategic use of the worldwide web.

Our creative team of professionals brings common-sense, straightforward solutions to your eBusiness challenges. We provide training and consulting services to companies ready to fully exploit eBusiness.

Whether you need an eMarketing campaign, a training seminar or new online tools, we have the experience required to help you take the web-based part of your business to the next level!

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News & Events - Q3, 2016


The internet : intelligence inc. offering has expanded to include eBusiness and eMarketing coaching. We're seeing strong uptake among clients who are working with tight budgets, and limited team resources. Watch for more information on this site, as we launch coaching bundles by Q4 of 2016! We look forward to helping you with your needs for on-the-spot answers and assistance.


In August, our team members will attend several days of off-site training - for a change of pace! Even organizations (like ours) which offer training need to stay on top of new ideas and developments. Summer is a time for our crew to build on their existing skills.


Lee Godfrey, Managing Director of internet : intelligence inc., will run a private in-house session for employees of a manufacturing client. This multi-national corporation is wisely investing in the development and learning needs of their personnel. Contact us to find out about holding on-site training sessions in eMarketing, social media, or digital project management for your staff.